10 Games Everyone Should Play at Least Once

There are a lot of great board games out there. Out of all those games out there, though, there are some that just stand out from the rest.

For some, it’s because they are classics that have withstood the test of time. Others are memorable because they started an entire genre. And some games are just so good at what they do, it would be a shame to miss out. Read the rest of this entry »


Magic is expensive!If you’ve been into gaming at all within the past fifteen years or so, you’re probably familiar with Magic: the Gathering.  While the first popular collectible card game (CCG) out there has inspired countless other games in the genre over the years, it still remains the most widely played by far.

I used to play a lot of Magic back in the day, but I finally quit a few years ago for the same reason many others do: it’s expensive!  Wizards of the Coast (the company that publishes Magic) has released fifty-one expansions to date, and shows no signs of ever slowing down.  To make sure they have the latest cards, and to be able to qualify for the current tournament format, players typically shell out $100 or more per expansion to get cards from the latest expansion.  Since there are roughly four expansions being released per year at this point, this can add up to a hefty sum pretty quickly.

So I quit.  But I didn’t really quit.
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