Many of the games on this blog may seem new to some of you.  Now although the cost of a game may seem high there are several ways to make game purchases more affordable.  Here are five great ways to find deals on games.

1. Thrift Stores / Garage Sales

Search garage sales and goodwill stores. Many of these places offer a variety of good games, and they will generally be far below what the game is actually worth.

However, you have to be prepared for some scratches and possible missing pieces.  Luckily, because these places are so cheap, you’ll be able to get multiple copies of game for less than the price of a new one, so if you are missing pieces, you should be able to find them in the next copy.

2. Trades

Some websites will offer board game exchanges.  The best example is BoardGameGeek, which allows users to create lists of games they are willing to trade, and then find people to trade with based on which games they have available.  You get the game you want; they get the game they want.  Everybody wins!

3. Borrowing Games

This is a great option if you have some fellow board game loving friends.  A lot of times, you can’t be sure whether you’ll like a game until you actually buy it.  This way, you get to try out a game beforehand.

4. Search Online

On-line stores offer a great way to comparison shop. Sometimes you can find slightly used or new games for great deals.  Many online retailers offer loyalty programs where you’ll get better discounts the more often you shop there.  Also, if you wait until there are several games you want to buy at once, you can usually get free shipping!

5. Local Game Stores

Check out your local card or game stores. While some of these specialize in just card games like Pokemon and Magic; others have a little of everything and are a great resource for new and exciting board games.  Also, this is often where you can trade in old games and cards that you don’t want anymore.  And if you trade for store credit instead of cash, sometimes you’ll get an even better deal.

Know somewhere else with great board game deals?

Hopefully this list will help those looking for inexpensive games.  If you have any other comments or suggestions from your personal experience, please let us know!