Finish Dominion Storage BoxDo you love playing Dominion, but hate having to carry three huge boxes around to be able to take it anywhere and be able to use all the expansions? So do I. However, with a little time and some simple materials, you can convert a single Dominion box into storage that will hold the base game and both expansions, including all of the extra components that came with Seaside!


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Two long 1000-count card boxes
  • A knife, for cutting up the card boxes
  • An 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of white label paper
  • A printer
  • About 100 standard size card sleeves – not the Euro style sleeves that you would use to sleeve the cards in Dominion!
  • One of the original boxes that Dominion came in
  • Instructions

    1. Remove the plastic insert that comes with the box. You won’t be needing it anymore; you’ll be making your own!

    2. Unfold one of the long card boxes so that it lays flat.

    3. You are going to be cutting the card box so that when it’s folded back, it will fit snugly inside the Dominion box. Hold the card box over the bottom of the Dominion box and make a guide marking on it like this:

    4. Once you have your small marking, draw a straight line across the card box. (You can use the edge of the Dominion box as a straight edge if you don’t have a ruler handy.)

    5. Cut the box along the line you just drew.  You’ll probably want to make sure you use a cutting board or something similar so that you don’t scratch up your table (which would have made my wife kill me).

    6. Next, cut the tops off of the box sections.  (You won’t be using them anymore.)

    7. Now fold up the larger section of the box you just cut, and inert it into the Dominion box. But don’t get rid of the smaller section. We’ll be using that section later.

    8. Repeat the process for the second card box.

    9. At this point, you’ve got card boxes filling up about two-thirds of the space in the Dominion box. The smaller sections of the card boxes you cut earlier will be placed sideways in the leftover space, but to make them fit properly, you’ll need to cut off one side of each box. Cut each of the smaller card box sections like this:

    10. Fold up each of the smaller sections so that they look like this:

    11. Once you’ve folded them, you can place them in the Dominion box as seen below. Once you’ve done that, your insert is complete!

    12. Now it’s time to make the dividers. My dividers are simply sleeved cards from another card game that I don’t play anymore; you could also use index cards. You just need to make sure they are about a quarter-inch wider than a Dominion card.

    13. Next, print up the labels that you will apply to the dividers.  To print out the labels, you’ll need a sheet of label paper and a printer.  Then, just download this file (from BoardGameGeek), and print it to the label paper.

    14. Simply cut out the labels and attach them to your dividers, and you’re done!

    15. Now all that’s left is to arrange the cards in the box.  You can do this however you like; here’s how I arranged them:

  • All of the kingdom cards are arranged alphabetically.
  • The mats and coins from Seaside have their own section in the middle column
  • The copper, silver, gold, estate, duchy, province, and curse cards are divided by number of players. In other words, one section contains all of the cards necessary for a two-player game. Then, the next section has the additional cards needed for three players, and so on. It’s a little more work when picking up the game, but it does make setup much quicker. Splitting the cards up by card name would work as well, though.
  • And that’s it! If you sleeve your cards, you should have just enough room for the base game and both expansions. If you don’t sleeve them (and I don’t), then you’ll probably have room for the next expansion as well.

    Of course, there are plenty of other ways to manage Dominion storage as well. Have you already come up with a good storage solution of your own? If so, let us know about it in the comments!