Dominion: Alchemy Card List Posted

Dominion: AlchemyExcept for the three cards posted a few weeks ago, there hasn’t been a lot of information available on what the cards will be in the upcoming expansion for Dominion, called Alchemy.

That is, until now.

A user on BoardGameGeek has posted the full card spoiler, and there’s some very interesting stuff on there!  I’ll post more thoughts on the cards later, but for now, enjoy the list!

5 Multiplayer Board Games for the iPhone

iPhoneMichelle and I love the iPhone, and one of the best things about it is that there are many quality board games available to download for it.  But with so many apps in the store, it can be difficult to find just what you’re looking for.  So, here is a list of 5 great board games available from the iTunes App Store.
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“Glory to Rome” Finally Being Reprinted?

Glory to RomeIt looks like Cambridge Games Factory has finally seen the light and will be reprinting one of our favorite games: Glory to Rome!
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“Building” on Settlers of Catan

We like Settlers of Catan, but frankly it’s not always one of our favorites.  While it’s a great game, inevitably one person ends up with a lousy set of terrain, or a strategy that revolves around rolling a 3 every turn.  I was this player when we played Catan last week, so I had to find another way keep myself entertained and engaged with the group (well, kind of).

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Board Game Review – Lost Cities

Do you need a two-player game that’s quick and easy to learn, but has a good bit of strategy to explore?  If so, Lost Cities may be the answer. Read the rest of this entry »

5 People You See at Every Game Session

Game nights are like performance art.

No, hear me out on this! You see, on the surface, everyone is just getting together to play games and have a good time. But on a deeper level, each player has their role to “bring to the table”.

So, without further ado, here are five of the most common characters that make up any true game night.  How many of these do you know?  Or if you’re feeling introspective, how many of these are you?

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How to Teach a New Board Game

Sometimes people are nervous about trying new games. For some it is the difficulty of set-up or the daunting task of reading the list of detailed instructions. However finding new and exciting games can be more than worth all the hassle of learning. Below are a few tips to ensure success and fun for all.

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5 Ways to Find Cheap Board Games

Many of the games on this blog may seem new to some of you.  Now although the cost of a game may seem high there are several ways to make game purchases more affordable.  Here are five great ways to find deals on games.

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Dominion: Alchemy – Three Cards Leaked

Well, it doesn’t look like it was intentional, but we now have information about three of the cards that will be released in the next expansion for Dominion, called Alchemy. It looks like there will be a new type of treasure card, with a new type of currency to go along with it.

The designer hasn’t said anything more about these cards (since the information wasn’t supposed to be released yet), but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate about how they will work!

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Step by Step: Fit Dominion and Its Expansions in One Box

Finish Dominion Storage BoxDo you love playing Dominion, but hate having to carry three huge boxes around to be able to take it anywhere and be able to use all the expansions? So do I. However, with a little time and some simple materials, you can convert a single Dominion box into storage that will hold the base game and both expansions, including all of the extra components that came with Seaside! Read the rest of this entry »